RIKE 800

Automatic Welding Machine

This machine has made a new breakthrough in metal welding. The newly developed welding agent replaces the traditional solder paste and welding wire, thereby improving the stability and output of the product. The materials that can be welded are: white copper, stainless steel, manganese, etc., can be welded middle beam, clamp, wine glass, wrap angle and so on.

Double-station middle beam welding machine: it adopts a double-station rotating table for loading and welding simultaneously. The production capacity is 1.5 times that of the traditional process, and the dose of welding agent for each point can be reached. The same, and the standard is unified.

Double-station clamp mouth and wine glass welding machine: synchronous processing using a double-station platform.

The machines all adopt a dual-station mode, which greatly improves efficiency, and has a control system, which is easy to operate and can be operated by ordinary workers.

Product Parameters

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