Vacuum baking machine

This machine can complete a baking in 45 minutes, and it can bake about 800 or 1200 pieces at a time. It uses high-efficiency light energy to generate heat, and emits specific light energy to automatically absorb the material. It is heated evenly under the action of vacuum, and the heating area and the degree of heating are highly consistent; defective substances are discharged while receiving mass heat; This principle can be used to reshape the structure of acetate fiber molecules in a vacuum state, so that they are tightly arranged, their hardness is strengthened, and they are not easy to deform.It has greatly improved our production efficiency, shortened the delivery time, saved manpower and electricity, and achieved the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection.

Product features: shorten the baking time, speed up the production schedule, reduce operating labor, and reduce production costs.

Product Parameters

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