Automatic Wire Shooting Machine

After unremitting efforts, Rike has solved the technical bottleneck of low production capacity and difficult adjustment of the pin process that has been impossible to break through for decades for glasses manufacturing.

This machine has changed the traditional bead cage to the guide needle heating table patented by our company. The high-frequency heating adds a preheating function to make the surface temperature of the product more stable. The processing time is about 18 seconds. 1 piece, and the machining accuracy is a new benchmark that cannot be achieved by traditional bead cages. It is a major breakthrough in this field.:

The mechanical structure and other details adopt an optimized design scheme, and the adjustment of the machine is extremely convenient and fast. The time for the replacement and adjustment of the machine is 15 minutes. It comes with an adaptive function of copper needles, and there is no need to adjust the copper needles of different specifications.

The equipment built by Rike people with high precision and strict requirements has played a decisive role in the accuracy and consistency of the processed products, and there will be no loosening and dislocation at work. It is truly realized that one person takes care of multiple equipment and small orders are also convenient for processing, which fully reflects the depth and far-reaching consideration for users.

This machine is a fully automatic intelligent pin insertion machine with easy operation, high efficiency and energy saving, and a new benchmark for future industry equipment.

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