RIKE 990B-II/990C-II

Double Channel 4Axis/ 5Axis Acetate CNC Machine

This machine is a dual-channel four-axis/five-axis flower milling machine, the inner ring and outer ring are processed simultaneously, the processing speed is about 50-80 seconds/pay, the machine has a total of 11-12 axes, equipped with 11-12 sets of Yaskawa servers in Japan, all axes are driven by motors, screws, and guide rails. Safe and stable, equipped with high-speed automatic tool change spindle, tool change is safe and efficient, tool reserve: 3 inner ring, 12 outer ring, the whole machine can use a total of 15 knives, which can complete any complex style at once.

Automatic feeding, inner ring processing, cutting outer pile head, saving outer ring processing time.

Outer ring processing, with automatic tool change function, processing and tool change are carried out simultaneously.Five-axis with automatic turning function,

With automatic aggregating function, it saves manual collection and avoids material loss.

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