RIKE 990B/990C

Auto 4 Axis CNC for acetate sheet

This machine is a single-channel four-axis/five-axis flower milling machine, including automatic feeding, inner ring and outer ring cutting, processing speed of about 60-120 seconds/pay, the machine has a total of 6-7 shafts, equipped with 6-7 sets of Yaskawa servers in Japan, all shafts are driven by motors, screws, and guide rails. Safe and stable, equipped with high-speed automatic tool change spindle, tool change is safe and efficient, and the tool reserve is 12 knives, which can complete any complex style at once.

Product Parameters

Product Service

We have offices in Wenzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, and equipped with special after-sale service vehicles in each zone. For keeping the equipment efficiency at maximum level, we are committed to arrive at the scene within 24 hours after receiving customer calls to troubleshooting.There are common parts in each office for normal service.For the parts of large-scale such as spindles, servo motors, controllers, et., we will provide free of charge Spare parts to ensure the user's production during the maintenance period.

During the process of using equipment, where in the normal working life span, if the product damaged due to the quality problems caused by the equipment itself, the user can ask for a free reparation till the replacement of the same device in the RIKE's offices distributed all over the state.

Where the product damaged not due to the quality of equipment itself, it is also possible to get quality service at a predefined standard cost in RIKE offices across the country. RIKE will provide users with preferential service even for the equipment out of the warranty period.


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