How to buy glasses

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1. greater than technology

Do n’t think about Japanese handmade, titanium materials, special hinge structures, etc. The importance of style is greater than these technical factors. This is a mistake that many friends of science and engineering will easily make. . Recommended reading: How to judge the quality of sheet glasses

2. The courage to try other styles

Go to the store and try the eyewear styles you have never considered before, but don't try the weird or half-rimless frames.

Before you have tried all types of glasses, please consider black frame glasses last. Unless you have high skin and face value, no matter what kind of glasses can hold it. (I wo n’t show photos here. I ’m afraid of being beaten. Many people wear glasses around, most of them are negative textbooks.)

3. Try more colors

It is recommended to try more light-colored frames such as ochre and brown, which are fashionable, but can also be worn at work.

4. Find your eye socket

Try to find your own eye socket in the mirror. The glasses can be slightly larger or smaller than the eye socket. This is based on how much flesh your face has.

5. Don't keep your eyes in the middle of the lens

It's so scary. Although I have seen wearing it like this, most Asians may not be able to do this because the nose is low, but narrow and long frame glasses are prone to this situation.

6. Don't keep your eyes too close to the upper frame of the lens

Also don't position your eyes too close to the upper edge of the lens. This looks like your glasses are not yours and will make your nose look smaller.

7. Nose bridge, look for frame with nose pad

It is difficult to wear glasses with a small nose and a low nose bridge. The glasses are not too difficult. Otherwise, the nose cannot be found and the bridge of the nose cannot support the frame. Be sure to find glasses with a nose bridge.