5 most eye-damaging behaviors

2019-12-10 10:49:42 浙江日科自动化设备有限公司 Viewd 1946

1. Computer injury

This is probably the behavior that is most likely to endanger your eyes. Focusing on the computer screen for a long time can easily cause symptoms such as dry eyes and discomfort. Although hard work is important, eye health issues cannot be underestimated.

Suggestion: Please rest your eyes every hour and close your eyes for 5 minutes. You can also calmly think about the details of the work during this time. In addition, you can also let your eyes extend far, how far you can see, and correct the visual focus.

2. Rubbing eyes hurt

When traveling around, touching his hands with various items, he must have hidden many germs. Suddenly itchy or tired eyes, most people rub their eyes intuitively. In addition to bringing germs into the eyes, they don't control their strength and easily hurt their eyes.

Suggestion: You can temporarily relieve your eyes by turning your eyes or blinking quickly, or use a tissue or handkerchief to gently massage your eyes. Avoid touching your eyes with your hands.

3. Low light damage

Many people use only indirect light sources to create an atmosphere in order to live a temperament life. Reading or reading magazines in such a low-light environment requires strong eyes to read clearly. Such behavior will cause the eyes to suffer great fatigue and stress. .

Suggestion: For good eyes, turn on the light source and let the environment have sufficient light. This will improve the reading quality and make your eyes more comfortable.

4. Stay up late and hurt

Work, play games and watch TV. As the number of people staying up late every day has doubled, the load on visual functioning has also increased; organs in the body cannot rest, which not only hurts the liver and kidneys, but also hurts the eyes more.

Suggestion: Don't stay up late unless you have insomnia! Timely sleep and adequate rest are definitely the best care to keep your eyes healthy.

5. Smoking injury

Smoking is harmless to the human body, and of course, it has a great impact on the eyes. Whether it is nicotine or tar-induced collateral lesions, or the direct harm of smoke to the eyeballs, it is a chronic threat of health.

Recommendation: Smoking is harmful to your health, and you need to reduce smoking for all aspects of your body. In addition, if it is surrounded by second-hand smoke for a long time, it can also be harmful to the eyes. Try to stay away from smoking environment and protect your eyes.