Is the lighter frame better?

2019-12-10 10:52:43 浙江日科自动化设备有限公司 Viewd 2371

Glasses can make a person look more intellectual and fashionable, and smart people must learn to use glasses to dress their own charm.

And the weight of glasses has always been a friend of myopia to think about a question, is the lighter myopia frame better?

Although high-quality glasses require perfect lenses, the choice of the frames is also important. The frames must be strong and light. Plate glasses and metal frames have their own unique advantages. The nose of the glasses has become a beautiful landscape. There is a noble beauty in the dimness. I want this beauty to be suitable for all the school fighters.

Glasses frames that are not very large can give people a compact feeling. If you press the glasses against your nose when you laugh, it means that your glasses look a bit big. Such glasses are uncomfortable to bring on, but they also suppress the beauty of the radian of the eyebrows. Of course, if it is sunglasses, then it is another matter, the thick sunglasses can give people a looming mystery. Gives a looming feeling.

If you are allergic to metal frames, then plate glasses may be a good choice for you, perfect texture, crazy feeling, and perfectly show the curvature of the face. If you are a girl with a long wavy hairstyle, then perhaps the simple frame can better interpret your wildness.

Light-weight glasses will be comfortable to wear without stress and will make you feel good!