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Development direction of REKE automation equipment

1、REKE company dedicated to the production of glasses dedicated automation equipment, in order to promote the development of the glasses industry as a duty.

2、REKE company has a strong R & D team to create their own programming, and the user's equipment for a lifetime free upgrade.

3、REKE company has a number of independent innovation of patent technology, can better serve for the user.

4、Automation equipment is a high-tech products, which need to constantly update the program, in order to ensure that users in the use of better benefits, and always stand in the same period the most advanced position, REKE can do.

Yourbenefitis our aim. Yoursatisfactionis our duty.

We have been committed to the development and manufacture of glasses automation equipment,
       to enhance the automation and efficiency of the glasses industry,
       and promote the rapid development of China's optical industry and service.