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RIKE 990D Automation planning m/c
Product introduction:
After the material is opened, the fine plane treatment of the plate frame is saved, the requirement of the roller is saved, and the qualified rate of the surface of the product is improved.
RIKE 990E Automatic Material Cutting,Temple Milling and Nose bending M/C
Product introduction:
This machine is a function and cutting machine and a press machine and nose bilge bilge machine.The opening adopts round knife plate,saw blade open,save the knife,save material,opne the material and open the spleen,it can realize the horizontal opening and vertical the same time,the spleen can be automatically divided to the left and the right.
RIKE 990F 4-axis precision milling cnc
Product introduction:
Be carved LOGO cut the Bi tail once completed, carving and milling or trailers.in addition,the design of the machine casing conforms to the European Union’s standard of safe production
RIKE 990G 3-axis&double work-table precision Milling
Product introduction:
A 990G is equal to two carved machine efficiency, one can see 2 machines, and ordinary carved machine saves 3 people than,in addition,the design of the machine casing conforms to the European Union’s standard of safe production.

RIKE 780 Auto Nose Bending M/C
Product introduction:
By automatic feeding, nose bending, milling central position-hole, and milling position-groove, with synchronous processing of heating and nose-pressing and feeding and discharging in parallel, the production efficiency is improved greatly and the dimension is uniform. It is possible to make a pair per 10 seconds for quick set-up.
RIKE 750 Auto Front Bending M/C
Product introduction:
It is possible to punch nose, bend lug and make central-position-hole at one time on the special plate. By full automatic feeding and high-frequency fast speed heating, each “R” is full and the angle error is very small. The bending point size can be maintained in the range of tolerance -0.1MM. Meanwhile, it has the function of cooling positioning which could be selected individually. In a word, this machine is one of the popular production for Italian eyewear manufacturers.
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