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Right tool for right job


By thirteen-year painstaking research and innovation, RIKE has its own technology R & D team for many science and technical fields such as CNC five-axis, image positioning, laser measurement, medium high frequency, vibration stitching, software development, and so on. RIKE has also cultivated a lot of CNC talents and created a new CNC Era. RIKE’s 13-year innovative ideas have laid a sold foundation for a sustainable development of the industry development.

RIKE will, in a higher level, focus on the continuous innovation of the equipment and extend the after-sale service scope, to become the most valuable and efficient cooperator in the field of optical automatic equipment industry.

This is an era of ever-changing technology sweeping the globe;
This is a white-hot stage for urgent demand for industry transformation and upgrading.
Here, we have insight into innovation and trends,
Here, we have our own vision to pursue a better future;
Here, we measure progress with a high efficiency and interpret success with productivity;
We have specialized in the R&D and manufacture of optical automation equipment all along.
For the purpose of enhancing the effectiveness of automation solutions for optical industry,
To promote the rapid development of the optical industry in China;